Travel Gear: When traveling with kids, take a trunki!

trunki ride-on luggage for children &#169 Melissa & Doug

trunki ride-on luggage for children @ Melissa & Doug

Florida Travel Guide: Travel gear review – trunki ridable luggage for children

When you’re traveling with young children, the goal should always be to make the trip as exciting as possible – from start to finish.

Melissa & Doug has a glowing reputation for creating wonderful products for children; from wooden dollhouses to sturdy reward charts and everything in between. It’s no surprise to us that they’ve started making kid-centric luggage.

What is a trunki?

A trunki is a brightly colored, hard-plastic suitcase scaled perfectly for children from age three and up. We can see this super fun luggage being used up until age eight or nine, for suitcase purposes, probably not ride-on activity!

That’s right. Trunki is the exact right size for packing your child’s clothes and some special toys for a vacation or for a sleepover to grandma and grandpa’s house for the weekend, but it’s also a toy. Or a chair!

Riding on the trunki &#169 Melissa & Doug

Riding on the trunki @Melissa & Doug

The trunki comes with a strap you fasten above its “ears.” When you’re running through the airport to make your connecting flight and Junior’s little legs can’t keep up, let him hop on the trunki, hold onto its ears and you can pull him along by the strap.

If there aren’t enough seats for everyone at the airport, Junior will have the perfect spot to rest.

Trunki Add-ons

Melissa & Doug makes lots of styles of the trunki (from Ruby the red Ladybug styled trunki to Sunny the orange tiger). You can purchase stickers to help style your trunki and give it a personality and you can even purchase a “saddle” which detaches into a stylish shoulder bag for your child’s busy work!

The verdict

We absolutely love the trunki! Visually, we think they’re adorable. They feel very sturdy and we love that they serve a couple different purposes. While the trunki claims to be “carry-on approved” *please* check with your airline’s specifications before you travel with it to make sure.


  • Durable luggage with wheels, just for kids.
  • Shoulder strap and hand straps for parents.
  • Meets carry-on luggage requirements for many airlines.
  • Kids love it.
  • They look awesome rolling through the airport.


  • Add-ons are sold separately. It would be nice if the face stickers were included, given the price.


We’ve seen trunki sell for as low as $39.99

Tell us…

What do you do to make traveling with your children special?