Travel Gear: Water resistant travel bag keeps iPad safe

Sailor Bags iPad Case (credit:

Sailor Bags iPad Case (credit:

Florida Travel Guide: Travel bag keeps iPad dry

We’re always on the hunt for the perfect beach gear, especially when it comes to keeping us connected so we can spend more time there! Next time you find you’re torn between walking along the beach and keeping your mobile devices dry, consider the stuffing it inside a padded, water-resistant iPad sleeve. You can’t take it swimming with you, but it will protect your iPad dry against splashes.

The review

The iPad sleeve uses the same polyester that sails are made from so it’s durable, and the plastic zippers are marine grade to handle salt water. Anytime you have seams in a bag, water can trickle in but they’ve double-proofed the water protection by putting a waterproof coating on the inside of the bag as well. It’s also padded inside so the iPad was safe when it got bumped inside our larger beach bag.

The verdict

We took the iPad sleeve everywhere – to the beach, the pool, on a boat, dockside – and our iPad is still dry! We could zip essentials into the side pocket and the sleeve is all we needed. We even felt comfortable enough with the sleeve that we slung it over our shoulder in a drawstring bag when walking along the beach (the waves weren’t high).


  • the sailcloth doesn’t have the resins in it so the fabric isn’t stiff.
  • Guaranteed for life, and is repaired or replaced for free if anything wears out.


  • An optional carrying strap or handle would be handy when your iPad is all you want to take with you.


The iPad sleeve is available for $27.00 plus shipping.

Tell us…

How do you keep your iPad safe when you’re at the beach or on the water?