Travel Gear: Snap-A-Loop helps keep mobile phones safe

Keep your phone in your hand (credit: Snap-A-Loop)

Keep your phone in your hand (credit: Snap-A-Loop)

Florida Vacation Guide: Travel gadget keeps  mobile phones from dropping

Florida is a wonderful place to vacation because of all the opportunities the state offers for sheer relaxation. Laying on the beach, cruising out into the Gulf of Mexico watching dolphins, fishing, hiking, kite boarding…there are a lot of fun outdoor activities to enjoy in Florida. But if you happen to be the kind of person who can’t relax if you don’t have your mobile device at your side 24/7, you stand a good chance of having that phone get damaged while you’re on vacation.

A Tampa company has developed a new gadget – perfect for travel - that makes a mobile device much more difficult to drop off the side of a boat.

Snap-A-Loop can keep your phone safe

The Snap-A-Loop attaches to the back of your mobile device and it has a loop for you to slide your finger through so that your iPod or phone or e-reader doesn’t slip out of your hands.

The ring on the Snap-A-Loop is made of flexible, soft plastic that swivels 360 degrees making it comfortable for users who spend a lot of time on their mobile devices.

The verdict

We can see this product being perfect for boaters who want to avoid dropping their phone in the water, for runners who like having their iPod accessible while they exercise and even for people who – er – run the risk of dropping their phone in the toilet.


  • Snap-A-Loop makes it more comfortable to talk on a mobile device, requiring only one finger to hold on to it
  • Avoid dropping your expensive mobile device on a hard surface and having to replace it
  • The loop swivels making it nice to use while texting
  • Very inexpensive price point
  • Makes taking photos with a mobile device easier


  • Putting your trust and faith into a piece of plastic and some adhesive. But then again, maybe we have trust issues we need to work through.


One Snap-A-Loop set includes a base and 3 different sized loops for $9.95.

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