Best Travel Apps for the Holidays

Gas Buddy App

Gas Buddy App

Travel Guide: Mobile Apps to simplify holiday travel

Traveling this holiday season? From keeping up-to-date on flights to finding a gas station and a clean bathroom, travel apps have taken some of the guesswork and frustration out of travel, especially during the holidays. We probed the thousands of options, from highest-rated apps to unique options, tested our top choices and  have compiled our holiday travel list. The bonus: Most are free downloads! We’ll continue to evaluate new apps and give you topic-related choices throughout the year.

Road Trip for less

Scour the road for the cheapest gas prices.  GasBuddy  uses GPS to track your location, map closest gas stations and update you on the current prices. Available on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad.

Cost: Free download.

Mail a Personal Postcard

Snap a photo  with the Postagram app and send an old-fashioned postcard to your friends and loved ones. Simply include the mailing address and Postagram prints the card with your photography and pops it in the mail for you. Available on Android, iPhone/iPad.

Cost: Free download.  To send postcard: .99 cents.

Survive an Airport Delay

Stuck in an airport on a long delay or layover? GateGuru has info on 98 U.S. airports and international hubs to find food, stores and services in a hurry. If you’re stuck in line and need a fast coffee on the run, this app will help! Available on Android, iPhone/iPad.

Cost: Free download.

Track the Weather

Tune into The Weather Channel Max app to find out whether it’s beach or shopping weather when you wake up in the morning. The 15-minute forecast gives you detailed info for the next 6 hours, just so you know how much sunscreen to slather on your body! Available on iPhone/iPad.

Cost: $3.99 download.

Personal Concierge

If you like traveling on the fly, Goby has your back! The app chooses venues and activities near you from family fun and adventure to arts and culture. You can manually select interests or synch with Facebook and have it pull info from your preferences. Available on Android, iPhone/iPad.

Cost: Free download.

Restroom Break

Need a public toilet fast? More than 100,000 are listed in the SitOrSquat app (mostly U.S. and European cities). The bathroom finder details hours, changing-table availability, and includes photos and reviews as well. Available on iPhone/iPad, Blackberry.

Cost: Free download.

Be Fumble Free

Stop riffling through papers and itineraries! TripIt travel app synchs to your e-mail account and pulls flight info and  loyalty-program account numbers,  hotel and dinner reservations and creates a master itinerary. Never fumble for paper again! Available on Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Windows 7.

Cost: Free download.

Dine on the Run

Not sure which restaurant in the neighbourhood to choose? Need food on the run? Urbanspoon app breaks down restaurant choices by  neighborhood, cuisine, and price, or simply shake it for a recommendation! Available on Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Kindle Fire.

Cost: Free download.

Entertain the Children

There are a myriad of apps for kids. Check out the Best Apps for Kids list from TravelMamas.


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