The outdoors get top ratings by 98% of Florida tourists



Apalachicola National Forest, Florida

Apalachicola National Forest, Florida


Florida Travel Guide: The most popular outdoor activities

Participation Survey Results for Florida Outdoor Recreation were posted today. The overall finding from the study was that outdoor recreation ranked high for 98 percent of tourists. This isn’t surprising as the sun, beaches and unique Florida habitat such as Everglades National Park are main draws for people spending time in Florida. “This study will help us ensure that we are in tune with the recreational needs of the state’s citizens and visitors,” said DEP’s Florida Park Service Director Donald V. Forgione. “Outdoor recreation is not only a major contributor to Florida’s economy, but also educates and cultivates the next generation of environmental stewards.”

The Results

Approximately 3,000 tourists were surveyed for the following results. Overall, the satisfaction with the outdoors and the reasons for participating ranked quite high. This makes sense as people mainly come for the sun and warmth and this is found on a beach setting, but not all activities that ranked high were water based.

Main Reason for being outdoors:

Following are the key elements tourists gave for participating in an outdoor activity:
  • 41% – relaxation, fun and enjoyment
  • 21% – time with family and friends
  • 16% – variety of recreation opportunities
  • 12% – to spend time outdoors and close to nature

Key Reason for traveling to Florida

Following are the percentages and main components tourists gave for traveling to Florida:

  • 61% -to have fun
  • 34% – visit family and  friends
  • 6%    - a particular outdoor activity
  • 6%    - mainly on a business trip
Beach Walk &#169 Naples CVB

Beach Walk © Naples CVB

Most Popular Activities

It’s no surprise that beaches ranked top of the list, but following are other popular recreational activities:

  • 49% – saltwater beach activities
  • 47% – wildlife viewing
  • 37% –  picnicking
  • 29 % – swimming in public outdoor pools
  • 26 % – visiting historical or archaeological sites

Freshwater fishing, canoeing, hiking and cycling were also among activities that tourists also participate in but they didn’t make the top five list!

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