The best of fun this Valentine’s!



Beach Love © Naples Marco Island Everglades CVB

Beach Love © Naples Marco Island Everglades CVB

Florida Travel Guide: Best of fun for Valentine’s Day

Want light-hearted fun for Valentine’s? Try one of these, or book them for the upcoming weekend!

Valentine’s Movie Night at Leu Gardens

Weather permitting, cozy in front of  a giant screen and watch “Crazy Stupid Love” in the Garden – it’ll warm up your sweetie for a little smooch.

Valentine’s Everglades Bike and Picnic

You can definitely woo your valentine as you both cycle  Everglades National Park. Take in the beauty of the wetlands, then sit on the shores of Pine Glades Lake and hold hands as the sun sets. *This outing is scheduled for Feb 18th but has a Valentine’s theme.

Romance On horseback

Head to the Tri-Circle-D Ranch at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground for some good-old fashioned horseback riding fun. (This is where Cinderella’s ponies live!) Choose from a 45- or 60-minute trail guided trail ride through the wilderness of the resort.

Body Paint

Book the  Valentine’s Day package at Doral Golf Resort & Spa which includes a Swedish Massage, spa lunch and a Strawberry Sweet Heart  gift. This is where the fun begins – inside you’ll find strawberry crème body soufflé, a body paintbrush, white chocolate body paint and strawberry honey dust.

Romantic fun and games

If a public affection is more your style, try a smooch and act like teenagers again at one of the many arcades located at Downtown Disney and Disney Quest. Race together against pirates in a search for gold! Design a roller coaster and ride it! You and your honey will be in awe of the sophisticated 3D and virtual reality that make this 5-story indoor gaming experience so amazing.

Tell us…

What’s the most fun thing you’ve ever done for Valentine’s? 


  • ShortMeg

    Hey There Holiday,
    Thanks for that, I’m a guy and i told my girlfriend i would think of something for us to do for valentine’s day. I really need some help though thinking of something that you think would be fun. I want it to be a little more exciting than a dinner and a movie. Keep in mind that I live in Michigan and it’s cold. Please list any ideas you can think of. Thanks!
    Keep up the good work