Switching off for Earth Hour in Florida

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Florida Travel Guide to Earth Hour 2012 at 8:30 p.m.

Since its beginning in 2007, each year, Earth Hour has grown in its efforts to create an awareness for climate change and other environmental issues. It’s a simple act of switching off at 8:30 pm for one hour. Last year, in 2011, hundreds of millions of people turned off their lights in 135 countries and for 2012, the numbers are expected to grow. If you’re traveling today, take part in Earth Hour and try a few of our ideas to be earth friendly!

Beyond the Hour

Last year, Earth Hour adding a new component for encouraging commitment for lasting action toward climate change by encouraging sustainability. Even while traveling, you can take measures to help the planet by re-using towels in hotels, turning off lights when you’re not in your room and eating in restaurants that serve local and seasonal foods.

Hotels & Restaurants

Some hotels turn off  non-essential lights throughout and have Earth Hour activities such candlelit dinners, storytelling and live music. Ask if there’s something planned where you’re staying and take part.

The Florida Challenge

As part of the Earth Hour City Challenge, Florida residents are encouraged to send a message to the mayor regarding measures Florida cities should be taking to prepare for rising sea levels, coastal storms and drought. If you’re a visitor, and have enjoyed the natural beauty of Florida, from its beaches to parks such as the Everglades, take ownership as well and send the email!


Many cities and communities in Florida have recycling programs that are either mandatory or voluntary. Hold onto your bottles, cans, or newspaper until you find a recycle bin!

Try Transit

Try public transit – it will save you gas and parking costs and it also decreases the ozone and carbon monoxide levels that affect air quality. 

Tell us…

What are you doing during Earth Hour this year?