Safety Tips: How to keep food safe for your 4th of July picnic



4th July Fruit Flags (credit: Party City)

4th July Fruit Flags (credit: Party City)

Florida Travel Guide: Food Safety Tips for a July 4th Picnic

Packing up your picnic basket? Take these precautions to prevent food-borne illnesses and have healthy, safe July 4th!


If you have a variety of foods you’re preparing, it’s possible to pass bacteria from one food to another, especially if you’re handling raw meat.

  • wash your hands frequently with warm soapy water.
  • wash plates that had raw meat on them before the plate gets used twice.
  • wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.


Cross contamination can happen quickly – juice from raw meat can accidentally leak and get into cooked foods that are ready-to-go.

  • Store raw meats and prepared foods in separate containers
  • Use different cutting boards for raw meat and then fruits and vegetables.
  • Store hot food separately from cold food cold. Dishes like potato salad, need to stay chilled throughly.


It’s easy to forget about food sitting outside in the heat while you’re having fun at a picnic. Bacteria can multiply in any food that has moisture, such as pasta, salad or dessert.

  • keep side dishes chilled and away from the sun – serve and then place them back in the cooler.
  • foods prepared with mayonnaise shouldn’t be left outside very long – keep them chilled.
  • melons can pose a risk – make sure you wash the outer surface even if it seems clean. Once you cut the melon, keep it chilled.

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