Remaining Monkees will not travel to Florida for Davy Jones’ Funeral

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To avoid media circus, remaining Monkes won’t travel to Florida for Jones’ funeral

February 29, 2012 was a very sad day in Florida. For many of us around the world, a piece of our childhood died along with the passing of Davy Jones, the iconic performer who was the “Paul McCartney” of The Monkees – the one who made all the young girls scream.

Davy Jones died at his home in Florida of a heart attack at the age of 66, leaving behind a wife and four daughters to grieve, as well as thousands of fans from one side of the world to the other.

Jones’ family wishes for a private funeral

Because Davy Jones’ family is wishing for a private, low-key funeral, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith will not travel to Florida for the funeral of their former bandmate.

Dolenz says:

“My understanding is they want to avoid a media circus and…the family wants to keep it very, very low-key and very, very private. You can imagine as soon as one or two or any of us were to show up, it would very quickly be degraded into something that I don’t think his immediate family would want to deal with. So I’m kind of respecting their wishes, whatever their wishes may be.”

There will be public memorials held in the UK and New York City. The remaining Monkees are hoping to come together at one of those events.

Dates for these memorials have not yet been released.

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