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Florida travel guide to Florida’s top picnic spots

In a recent article, the outdoors got top ratings by 98% of Florida tourists and 96% by Florida residents. In both surveys, picnicking ranked very high at 37% for tourists and 40% for residents, so this is the first in a series of picnicking articles that will cover everything from the best picnic spots in Florida to the art of picnicking. A picnic is a great way to spend time with family and friends, and it’s economical as well. Next time you’re planning a picnic for a social gathering, consider the following spots as you pack your basket:

Wekiwa Springs State Park

If you want a break from an action-packed day at Disney World and the joy rides of Universal Studios, this park is a serene retreat. Picnic tables and grills are close to the children’s playground and pool, and there’s also a nearby volleyball court and horseshoe pit. If you’ve got the whole day, rent a canoe or kayak afterward and paddle the Wekiva River - an Aquatic Preserve, a State Canoe Trail and a National Wild and Scenic River, the scenic waterway is what old Florida used to look like.

Everglades National Park

If you’ve made a trip into the Everglades, you’ve got to spend the day – there is so much to see! Choose from one of the five park visitor centers for your picnic: Flamingo, Ernest Coe, Shark Valley, Gulf Coast and Chekika. Our favorite is  Ernest Coe – eat your picnic on one of the picnic tables and then walk off your lunch on the nearby Anhinga Trail. The short trail is a great starting point where you can see red-bellied turtles basking in the sun, alligators submerged in the water or anhingas plunging for their food!

Crandon Park Beach

This park in Key Biscayne is a favorite for families near Miami as there are grills in picnic area and a lifeguard to help with watch duty. If your picnic basket is ready to go without cooking, there are enough shady spots under the palm trees to spread a picnic blanket on a stretch of sand as well.

Beach It!

As long as there’s a sandy stretch of beach, picnicking will work anywhere! We’ll include some top beach picnic spots in an upcoming article.

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