Miami Seaquarium opens new underwater experience for non-divers

Sea Trek Girl &#169 Miami Seaquarium

Sea Trek Girl © Miami Seaquarium

Florida Travel Guide to the Sea Trek Reef Encounter at Miami Seaquarium

Imagine yourself moving in slow motion, submerged in an ethereal, magical underwater paradise. You can hear nothing but the sound of your own breath. Colorful tropical fish seem to dance all around you while cobia, groupers, stingrays, moray eels and lobsters swim past.

Normally this type of experience is reserved for certified scuba divers, but the Miami Seaquarium is bringing this one-of-a-kind experience to the masses.

According to Andrew Hertz, General Manager at Seaquarium, “If you can walk and breathe then you can Sea Trek.”

The Video

How does Sea Trek Reef Encounter work?

Non-divers, aged 10 years and up, can go as deep as 15 feet under the sea. No certification or swimming skills are necessary with the Sea Trek Helmet Diving System. It’s controlled by a compressor system that takes in air and then compresses it, sending it through a series of filtration components and on to a control console and manifold that regulates the air flow to the diver.

The participant’s head stays completely dry through the entire experience.

The details

The Sea Trek Reef Encounter lasts for an hour and a half which includes an orientation session. The cost is $99 per participant which includes same day admission to the park.

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