Let the Voting Begin!

Beach Docking (credit: HolidayTripper.com)

Beach Docking (credit: HolidayTripper.com)

Florida Travel Guide: Vote for the Life’s a Beach Photo Contest!

We’re into Phase II of our Life’s a Beach Photo Contest! The entries have been submitted and now it’s up to our readers to choose the winner and start voiting as of today. The winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Vote for your favorite photo

You can vote from June 16th right through to June 28.Go to our Facebook page and vote for the photo of your choice. We’ll announce the winner June 29.


If you’ve got a photograph up, now’s the time to hit up your friends and family to make sure they vote for your photo!

Photography Tips

For those of you that have been following our contest, we’ve posted several articles with photography tips. Consider those when voting for one of the submitted photographs.

How to vote for a photograph

If you’re looking for pointers before voting on a photograph, consider these tips:

  • how unique is the image – think of textures, the story it tells
  • how technical is the photo – think of lighting, sharpness, composition
  • how clear is the photo – not in terms of fuzziness, but as far as clutter, crooked lines
  • subject – was the main subject well defined, did they capture a moment?

Tell us…

What are key elements for your favorite beach photo?