How to keep your Mobile Devices Dry!

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Florida Travel Guide to keeping your mobile devices dry!

Most of us can’t be without our mobile devices, even when on vacation! If you love the water, keeping them dry is the one downside. Other than storing them in ziplocs, drybags or Pelican cases, here are two products recently developed that you may want to consider in the attempt to keep your mobile devices out of the water:

Tree Frog Pad

If you don’t want your mobile device to fall from your boat or kayak, try the Tree Frog Pad. Developed with a unique resin to create a non-slip surface, the sticky exterior has an extremely firm grip strong on mobile devices. Apparently, it stays fixed to boats, motorcycles and ATVs. One South Florida Boater quoted, “I used to worry about taking my new iPad on the Boat, but Tree Frog’s Sticky Pad holds it in place in even in the choppiest conditions”. Note this won’t help it from staying dry but just not falling in the water (as easily) – nothing is 100% so still put it in a waterproof or protective case. One sidenote for the pad is that it’s a synthetic version of the natural sap that oozes out of plants, and unlike tree sap, it is residue-free. The company claims that this environmentally friendly pad doesn’t harm surfaces or dashboards of vehicles or boats.

The Tree Frog Pad Video

iPhone MarineCase

Now you can take your iPhone up to 20 feet under water with the Keystone ECO MarineCase. The waterproof case works for iPhone 4 and 4S and lets you take photos while snorkeling or text while swimming in a pool. So now you can check email, watch videos and use your favorite app, without leaving the beach! Keystone has uploaded the following video taken with the MarineCase:

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