Help Winter the dolphin clean the reefs of Tampa

Dolphin Tale (credit: Clearwater Marine Aquarium)

Dolphin Tale (credit: Clearwater Marine Aquarium)

Florida Travel Guide to helping clean Tampa’s reefs

Winter’s story was made famous in the movie, “Dolphin Tale,” a film about how the animal received a prosthetic tail after being injured in a crab trap.

On June 23rd, Clearwater Aquarium, the place Winter calls home, will help make sure that other marine animals won’t end up injured like Winter did.

Winter’s Reef Clean-Up: Second Reef Monitoring Event of 2012

Gazing out at the beautiful blue waters surrounding Florida we can easily forget how many items can be lurking beneath the surface that are very harmful to marine animals. Crab traps, rope and other bits of garbage and debris need to be cleaned up and though the dolphins would probably do it themselves if they had hands, it’s up to us humans to take care of it. 100 divers (so far) have volunteered to go down to the Clearwater Artificial Reef on Saturday, June 23, to clean up the mess.

It’s not only dolphins that can be harmed by the ropes tied to crab traps; diving birds, turtles and other creatures can get ensnared in them as well.

Why Clearwater Marine Aquarium is involved

Crab rope and monofilament can be attributed to the injuries of several animals who live at the aquarium, but the celebrity of Winter helps to raise awareness to the issue of this dangerous debris at the bottom of the gulf. CEO of Clearwater Marine Aquarium, David Yates, says, “”We all need to take responsibility in any way we can and this is an easy way to help.”

How you can help

According to organizers of the clean up effort, what is most needed are boats to bring the divers to the site. Specifically, volunteers are needed that morning until noon to bring the divers to and from the reef.

Learn more

Click to learn more or to volunteer for Winter’s Reef Clean-Up.

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