Get Outdoors: It’s International Picnic Day!



Benton basket (credit: Picnic fun)

Benton basket (credit: Picnic fun)

Florida Travel Guide to International Picnic Day

There seem to be many official “Picnic Days” – one is the day after Earth Day, and the other is today. Given that picnicking is a favorite past time in Florida, we’re reminding you of both celebration dates! So if you’re thinking of what to do and how to get your picnic together for this evening, consider the following:

Choose your Picnic Spot

We’ve suggested great picnic spots so look at some of the related posts. Overall, make sure you consider the following when choosing a scenic spot:

  • make sure the area is open
  • if weather  may not be best, find an area that has a pavilion (many parks and public beaches do!)

Choose your Menu

Choose foods that are easy to prepare and transport – this is a moveable feast! Consider the following popular dishes:

Cold foods and finger foods:

  • prepared sandwiches
  • prepared salads like pasta or beans salad *be careful with potato or egg salad as they can go bad quickly
  • baguettes, crackers, veggies and lots of dips like hummus or
If you’re barbecuing:
  • burgers and hot dogs
  • drumsticks, corn on the cob and baked potatoes
  • shish kabobs prepared ahead of time

Don’t forget dessert – make it something that won’t melt or isn’t too sticky! And of course, a cooler with lots of cold drinks!

Choose someone to invite

You can make this a large social gathering, a family affair or an intimate outing for you and your loved one. If it’s a larger gathering, consider:

  • checking with people regarding the menu and food allergies
  • let someone handle dessert or drinks
  • make it a potluck picnic so you don’t have all the work!

Tell us…

What are your picnic tips?