Get outdoors: Fishing lures many visitors to Florida

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Sport Fishing © Panama City Beach CVB

Florida Travel Guide to Florida as a fishing destination

With a fishing season that never closes, spectacular scenery, pleasant temperatures and more water than you could shake a stick at (if you go around shaking sticks at things) it’s no wonder Florida is so popular for anglers.

Fishing is one of Florida’s top outdoor activities

Results from a Participation Survey for Florida Outdoor Recreation were released back in March of this year with approximately 4,000 residents having been surveyed. Overall, it was revealed that 80% of Florida residents were satisfied with the variety of outdoor recreation they have access to and it was not only water based activities that ranked highly, by the way, but it did come out very high. Something else that did well was fishing which ranked towards the top of the list for 46% of participants.

Fishing Locations for Saltwater Anglers

As far as fishing locations go, it seems that boat fishing came out on top. The following are the actual statistics:

For Florida residents:

  • 70% – boat fishing
  • 41%  - pier, jetty or catwalk fishing
  • 37% – from shore

For Florida tourists:

  • 71% – boat fishing
  • 35%  - pier, jetty or catwalk fishing
  • 28% – from shore

We found it interesting how closely both groups answered!

Fishing Locations for Freshwater Anglers

Again,as far as fishing locations are concerned, boat fishing came out on top. Following are the actual statistics:

For Florida residents:

  • 57% – boat fishing
  • 50% – from shore
  • 25%  - pier, jetty or catwalk fishing

For Florida tourists:

  • 57% – boat fishing
  • 39% – from shore
  • 29%  - pier, jetty or catwalk fishing
Reeling them in &#169 Panama City Beach CVB

Reeling them in! © Panama City Beach CVB

Why else do people like getting outdoors in Florida?

It’s no surprise that family time and time spent with friends were scored at the top of the list as the most important reason for getting outdoors. 91% of respondents rated it as very important! Check out how the key reasons were ranked:
  • 99% – time spent with family and friends
  • 98% – staying active and keeping healthy
  • 94% – being close to nature

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