Frugal Florida: One of the cheapest same-day hotel booking apps you can find!

Hotel Tonight App (credit:

Hotel Tonight App (credit:

Florida Travel Guide to HotelTonight App

If you book your hotel rooms last minute, or want to plan a last minute getaway, the Hotel Tonight App is ideal and it covers a number of cities in Florida! Offering deep discounts on hotel rooms varying from basic to luxury, you can find a great deal, and pay for it with foreign currency (Canadian dollars, Euros and British Pounds are accepted right now).

How the App Works

The hotels can change from one day to the next and the deals only appear at noon. You can make your bookings between noon and 2am only.

The Deal on your first booking:

On top of the discounts already in place, if it’s your first time booking via the Hotel Tonight App, use the code “FREE25″ for a $25 credit off your first booking.

The Deal on the first Friday of each month

The first person to book in each time zone on the first Friday of each month receives a $50 credit. This is a new promotion that starts today! The steps are as follows:

1.On the first Friday of the month, book a room through the HotelTonight App before anyone else in your time zone does.

2. Tweet right after booking, with your destination city and the hashtag #HTBooker1.

3.Receive a $50 credit.

The Hotels

You can see a number of photos for the available hotels, along with a style rating, such as “Basic”, “Hip” or “Luxe”. All hotels that are available for booking in the app are chosen by HotelTonight so you won’t have a bad sleep, even if you choose the Basic rating.

Florida Cities Covered:

  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Tampa Bay

The App

The mobile App works for iOs (iPhone and iPad) and Android at the moment. It’s free to download so give it a try and see what you think.

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