Frugal Florida: Bring your collectables to the Great Estate Roadshow this week

Shirley Temple picture &#169 Great Estate Roadshow

Shirley Temple picture © Great Estate Roadshow

Florida Travel Guide to the Great Estate Roadshow

It’s spring and if you’re doing the traditional cleaning, pay attention to old trinkets and memorabilia collecting dust in the attic – they may be worth more than you know. The Great Estate Roadshow is the biggest buyer of collectables, from antiques and estate jewelry to gold and silver. They’re touring through the States this week from California to New York and a number of Florida cities are among their stops. It’s free to go to the show, so bring a few items while you’re at it.

Your Items could be worth more than you think!

Recently a man in Pennsylvania was combing through stuff in his attic and came across his uncle’s photographs of Shirley Temple. Being an original, it was worth than he thought, much to his surprise.

“In each city—small or large—a person comes in with an item that he or she believes is not worth much; however, because of Great Estate Roadshow’s extensive list of collectors throughout the country, the item is typically worth much more,” says Great Estate Roadshow’s Howard Klotzkin. “The customer leaves happy with more money than expected.”

What they’re looking for

Apparently, silver coins that are pre-1964, gold bars or coins and Krugerrands, are prized by collectors for their metal value. The following list are some of the items that the Roadshow is looking for, so bring it to one of the locations below:

  • Civil War items
  • vintage jewelry
  • Indian head pennies
  • antique purses
  • sterling silver flatware
  • pre-1930s toys
  • gold jewelry like charm bracelets and class rings

Where the Roadshow is in Florida

You can bring your items to the following locations at these times:

When: 10 am – 6 pm; Saturday 10 am – 2 pm

Date: Till April 7, 2012


  • Comfort Inn, 3901 SW 117th Avenue, Miami
  • Holiday Inn, 1111 South Royal Poinciana Boulevard, Miami


  • Hyatt Miami at the Blue, 5300 NW 87th Avenue, Doral


  • Homewood Suites, 3333 SW 42nd Street, Gainesville

Fort Myers

  • Homewood Suites, 16450 Corporate Commerce Way, Fort Myers
  • Crowne Plaza, 13051 Bell Tower Drive, Fort Myers

Tell us…

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