Celebrity News: First Lady Michelle Obama in Florida today

Michelle Obama discusses Lets Move &#169 Lawrence Jackson

Michelle Obama discusses Let's Move! ©Lawrence Jackson

Florida Travel Guide: Michelle Obama in Naples today

You never know what celebrities you might see as you travel through Florida. And if you’ll be in the Naples area of Florida today, keep your eyes peeled because you  might just spot a very important visitor as First Lady, Michelle Obama, visits the area to meet with campaign volunteers and host a fundraising event for the President’s campaign. She will be greeted at the airport today by local students.

The Secret Service has been keeping the area secure in preparation for Obama’s visit. The fundraising event she’s hosting is reportedly being held at the Inn on the Fifth. Tickets to attend the reception are $1000 and to have your photo taken with First Lady Michelle Obama, it will cost $4000 extra.

This important flight is expected to land at 3:15pm at Naples Airport.

Michelle Obama’s other visit to Florida this year

Michelle Obama has been in Florida on business of her own already this year. She spent time in Florida in February (including a visit to Disney World) in promotion of her Let’s Move! initiative, a program aimed at helping to encourage healthy eating and exercise, especially to children. During that visit, Obama spent time with a cast of Disney stars (including Perry the Platypus of “Phineas and Ferb“) children and their families being active. She even performed the moves to “The Platypus Walk”.

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