Celebrity News: Dominic Monaghan coming to Sarasota Film Festival

Dominic Monaghan &#169 Lionel Hahn

Dominic Monaghan @ Lionel Hahn

Florida Travel Guide to Dominic Monaghan at the Sarasota Film Festival

The stars will be out in full force in Sarasota between April 13-22 during the Sarasota Film Festival. One special star to keep your eye out for is Dominic Monaghan.

Dominic Monaghan has starred in two of the most successful television and film franchises of the entire decade; “Lord of the Rings” and “Lost.” But this movie star is still grounded. He has also appeared in “The Day,” a low-budget indie film being screened at 8:30pm April 20-21 during the Sarasota Film Festival.

According to Monaghan, “I obviously don’t approach a job based on the size of the budget. It’s about working on a script you enjoy.”

Monaghan will be at the screenings of “The Day” on both April 20 and 21.

What is “The Day”?

In “The Day,” five survivors in a post-apocalyptic world are being chased by cannibals. Over the decade that they’ve been on the run, their original group of 12 has significantly dwindled.

When the five find themselves low on food, ammunition and morale, they decide to spend the night in an abandoned home. This was a bad decision and they must all work together and make a stand if they want to get out of the house alive.

“The Day” also stars Shawn Ashmore of “X-Men” and Ashley Bell of “United States of Tara” and “The Last Exorcism.” She will also be attending the festival.

Monaghan’s second visit to Florida

This trip to the Sarasota Film Festival will be Monaghan’s first trip to Florida since he visited the Sunshine State with other members of the “Lord of the Rings” cast where he visited Tampa and Miami and surfed in Cocoa Beach.

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