Celebrity News: Ask Justin Bieber a question about his Believe tour in Florida



 Justin Bieber Boyfriend (credit: PRNews Foto)

Justin Bieber Boyfriend (credit: PRNews Foto)

Florida Travel Guide to asking Bieber a question about the Believe Tour

Want to know where Justin’s favorite restaurant in Florida is, or what he plans on doing when in Florida?  Now you can ask him a question directly.

Tweet your Question

Tweet a question to Justin including the hashtag #AskJustin and there might be a chance it gets answered live (see below). The questions have to be asked before the release date for Bieber’s new album on Tuesday, June 19th.

Post on YouTube

A video that was posted on YouTube (see below), by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber, requested fans to tweet or click on the “Ask Justin” tab on Bieber’s YouTube channel.  Just make sure you ask the question before the album’s release date next Tuesday – you’re not limited to one question and can ask as many as you want!

The Video

Here’s the video that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber posted:

The Answers

Fallon will have an exclusive interview with Bieber at 7 p.m. on June 21st where he will be choosing posted questions to ask Bieber – make it a good one and yours might get picked! The interview will be streamed live on YouTube as one of the YouTube Presents original videos.


As part of this promo for Bieber’s new album, you can also vote for the questions you like the most. So far more than 5,000 questions have been submitted so make sure you jump in on the action.

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