Best Of The Week: Rare Venus transit, Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living, Cortez fishing village and more!

Cortez Fishing Village (credit:

Cortez Fishing Village (credit:

Florida Travel Guide: Most popular posts of the week include the Venus transit and a photo contest

We want to keep writing articles that you’ll love reading, so we keep a close eye on the most popular of the pieces we publish. Just in case you missed some of the most-read posts of last week, here they are so you can get caught up.

Venus Where to see the rare transit of Venus in South Florida

On Tuesday June 5, the transit of Venus allowed us to get a rare peek of the planet passing between Earth and the sun. So rare, in fact, that it won’t happen again until roughly 2117.

Best of Central Florida Events: June 8-15

You’re always interested in reading about the events that we post every week and this week was no exception!

Best of Northern Florida Events: June 8-15

You weren’t only interested in reading about the events taking place in Central Florida, but Northern Florida events were of great interest as well.

Disney Magic of Healthy Living

Disney World’s Magic of Healthy Living program is making great strides to contribute to a healthier generation of Disney guests. In addition to the health-forward measures Disney has taken in offering children low-fat dairy products and fresh fruits and veggies as default sides for its kids meals, now there will be additional efforts taken to reduce sodium, fats and sugars in meals served to children at Disney establishments…and beyond!

Off-The-Beaten Path: Cortez Fishing Village

We’re happy that you liked reading about Cortez Fishing Village – one of few authentic old fishing villages you can still find in Florida!

Win an Amazon gift card with the Life’s a Beach Photo Contest

If you have an award-worthy beach photo taken in Florida, let us see it! You might win a $100 gift card!

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