Best Free Travel Apps for your iPad (and new iPad 3)

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Florida Travel Guide to the Best Free Travel Apps for your iPad (and new iPad 3)

There’s nothing like the high-definition Retina display, faster processor, and higher megapixel camera of the new iPad 3 to get us excited about any travel app, but we thought we’d start with the the free ones! Even though the iPad 3 doesn’t have Siri, the Voice Dictation has us excited enough that we’ll take it to the beach when we travel through Florida.

Monitor the Weather

You’ll want to know what the UV is when you’re heading out to bask in the sun. The Weather Channel iPad App gives you the local forecast and the interactive spinning globe let’s you check anywhere on the planet, just in case you need to gloat that you’re in warm weather while others are freezing. For the stormy season, set up push alerts for notifications when turbulent weather is headed your way.

Entertain yourself

Of course there are tons of games, from Angry Birds to Solitare, but can you live without watching your favorite TV show while lying by the pool? The Netflix app streams shows and movies and lets you pick up right where you left off in case you’re interrupted why a cool glass of bubbly.

Keep up with Social Media

If your trip isn’t about digital detox, then you’re going to have to stay connected. Facebook and Twitter both have free apps but you didn’t travel to Florida to be on social media all day, so the MyPad for Facebook and Twitter App can guide you to the features you need for both streams so you can post fast and get back to suntanning.

Read books and news

There are only so many shells you can pick up at the beach before you need to settle down with a good book. From more than a million books on Amazon, you’re sure to find something for the Kindle app. Many magazines and newspapers are also available, although if you’re particular about your news, see below.

Communicate Face to face

Can’t wait to show your friends your new tan? Start a video call with your friends via the Skype for iPad App – they’ll look great on the new screen!

Keep up with news

If you’re a news junkie, you can have your pick – access the Top news section on the NYTimes for iPad app; the sports, money, tech, life and travel sections on the USA Today for iPad or watch CNN TV live on the CNN App for iPad.

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What are your favorite iPad apps?

  • Elias

    Great list! I have to say, this has a couple of my favorites already on it, but there are a few more I want to try. For example I’ve been meaning to look into a few more of the news apps besides just the CNN one I currently use. I’ve been using Open Table since it came out though and just love it…its saved me from not having a table or even worse, having to eat at the bar, several times. One of my other favorite apps though you didn’t have listed, so I thought I’d throw it out there in case someone else has the same problems with layover that I used to have. And not just the lay overs, but time at the airport in general, even during the flight…and to a lesser extent, even when I’m at my destination, I always somehow seem to have a little time to kill. At the end of as long day of sightseeing, wanting to just kick my feet up in the hotel and relax a bit, or, as I mentioned, the endless stream of layovers an avid traveler will experience…all this used to just kill me. Now though? Not so much. Last year I picked up the DISH Remote Access app, which I learned about through my job at DISH. As long as I have a 3G or wifi connection for I can watch live or recorded events off my receiver at home, any time, any place. I highly recommend this to everyone.

    • Holiday Tripper

      Elias: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment. We’ll have to check out the DISH Remote Access app. It sounds great!