Arouse love with an aphrodisiac dinner this Valentine’s



Garden Gazebo Dining ©The Palms Hotel & Spa

Garden Gazebo Dining ©The Palms Hotel & Spa

Florida Travel Guide to a Valentine’s aphrodisiac dinner

You can travel around Florida looking for the right flower bouquet or jewelry, but the true guide to your loved one’s heart may be through the stomach! Try an aphrodisiac dinner this Valentine’s Day and see if it sparks desire.

The six-course dinner at Essensia in Miami’s South Beach district is designed with ingredients to elicit sensual desire – check it out below. And if you want to add an air of passion, you can have the meal served in the private garden gazebo.

Seafood Duo

The first course starts with a Raw Oyster enclosed with Ahi Sashimi. It’s nestled in a Citrus Ponzu and Crab Salad, and coloured with Beets, Lime and Avocado but the oyster is where it’s at. Chef Julie Frans focused on its high zinc content, which helps produce testosterone.

Truffle Tasting

For the second course, indulge your senses in an artichoke soup laced with truffles. Since ancient Roman times, truffles are a prized culinary ingredient, but for this menu, it’s the musky scent replicating male pheromones that is the draw.

Fennel Fire

Roasted fennel tossed with baby mustard greens, strawberries and candied almonds is a delight to the eyes, but the fennel,high in phytoestrogens is a woman’s aphrodisiac.

Greek Mythology

If you believe that all ocean creatures were Aphrodite’s love toys, then bite into the lobster tail. Drenched in butter and garlic, and accompanied with caviar, scallions and a champagne tarragon sauce, you can recount Greek mythology to your loved one as you wait for the sparks. Chef Frans added a few asparagus spears for an extra boost. Apparently in the 19th century, French men would get three helpings at a prenuptial dinner.

Java Jolt

Combine coffee and chocolate with anything, in this case a rib eye filet, chances are there will be a surge of energy. Frans is counting on chocolate’s dopamine release to stimulate the brain’s pleasure center.

Sticky Sensualness

Although banana fritters may not be the sexiest name, douse them in honey and you’ll know why the sweet taste is called Aphrodite’s nectar.

Food for Love

This menu is only available at Essensia Restauraunt on Tuesday, February 14, so book early (305.908.5458). Cost is $185 per couple (private Gazebo dinner is $285 per couple).

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