5 Ways to Find Serenity During the Holidays

Couple walking on Long Boat Key Beach, Florida

Couple walking on Long Boat Key Beach, Florida

Find serenity whether at home or traveling

If there’s ever a fast-paced, multi-tasking time, it’s the Holiday Season, whether at home or traveling! If you’re in the middle of packing suitcase or gifts, walking through crowds in a shopping mall or busy airport, stop, even if for a few minutes – step away from your work, crowds, things-to-do list, and take a few moments to recharge. Whether you’re in a winter wonderland or on a sunny, palm-fringed coast, here are five ways to find your inner calm.

1. Watch the sunset

Focus on only one thing: the brilliant colours rising in the sky. De-clutter your mind and the tasks for your day ahead.

2. Breathe in fresh air.

Step outside, stop and do nothing but breathe fresh air into your lungs. Aside from triggering a serene response, it’s a great way to offer a change in scenery and perspective at the same time.

3. Step away.

Step away from all your tasks for a moment, even your computer or tablet screen! And if you can, take a few more steps and engage your muscles in a brief walk, a long stretch – it will release stress and tension!

4. Laugh.

Laughter is uplifting and contagious – share the benefits with friends, family or a person standing in line with you.

5. Pat yourself on the back for small things!

Don’t let your long list of things-to-do overwhelm you. Pat yourself on the back when you complete the first task. Each one deserves a reward if only your self recognition.

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What is your tip for finding a moment of serenity during busy times?