5 Money saving tips for Spring Break



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Frugal Florida: Money-saving tips for a Spring Break Florida Vacation

Spring break is around the corner, and if you’re traveling on a budget, it’s time to start planning! There are lots of things to do on a budget but with rising costs of airfare and gas prices, you need to see where you can pinch your pennies! Check out these budget-friendly ideas so your trip won’t cost an arm and a leg:

Cheap Food

Food is the one item that can tip your bill fast. Make sure you think about food before you’re good and hungry or you’ll think with your stomach and not your wallet: Try these tips:

  • If you’ve got a kitchen where you’re staying, or even just a microwave, use it. Even if you have a fridge you can at least have a breakfast cereal before you head out for a day of sightseeing (note mini-bar items are expensive).
  • If you can’t get yourself going first thing in the morning without a coffee and some food, then book a room where they offer complimentary breakfasts.
  • Fill up at lunch with an all-you-can-eat buffet that can keep you going for the rest of the day.
  • If you want to stop for a drink, make it at Happy Hour – a great source of cheap food! Ask a local or someone at your hotel for a recommendation.

Daily Deals

Deal sites are a dime a dozen these days but it’s worth checking them out. From Groupon to Living Social, you can sign up for a particular city and then check the daily deals. From Fort Lauderdale and Miami to Orlando and Jacksonville, a number of Florida cities are covered. Some deal sites even have specific hotel deals like “Groupon Getaways” and “Living Social Escapes”. Most of these aren’t budget destinations but if you’re looking to stay in a swankier hotel or try some fine dining, sign up! There are also deals for tourist attractions, museums, and outfitters.

Public Transit

Try the bus! It beats looking for directions and finding parking, let alone paying for a parking space or alternatively grabbing a cab.

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