5 Best Drinking Apps for Spring Break


Tweet-a-Beer &#169 Tweet-a-Beer

Florida Travel Guide: 5 Best Drinking Mobile Apps for Spring Break

Drinking for Spring Break? From virtual beers to finding a gas station, these apps have taken some of the guesswork out of your brew choices. And best of all, most are free!


Spring break and alcohol kind of go hand in hand and now you can send a beer to a friend that’s stuck at home or not on the same beach partying with you. Through Tweet-a-Beer, you can send $5 to a friend, earmarked for beer – you can also add your current location or suggest a meetup to get sloshed together.

Cost: Free.

Find the Nearest Happy Hour

As simple as it sounds, the Happy Hours app lets you find the happy hour closest to you. You can also check out menus and reviews for he restaurants and bars that are listed.


Social Beer

The Untappd app is like Facebook for beer lovers. You can check in, see what your friends are drinking and make your choices accordingly.


Share Your Tab Evenly

For $1.99 avoid the disagreements about who paid for what. The Trip Splitter App manage expenses for up to 6 people. There are tons of expense splitter apps but this one is simple – each person gets a different colour and you simply turn your iPhone to see the payment layout.


Try a New Beer

Become a beer connoisseur! Each day, Today’s Beer app simply highlights a different brew. Find it at the bar or impress your friends with beer trivia.


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