Zombies, vampires and beasts debut in Universal’s reinvented street experience

Halloween Horror Nights Street Experience (credit: Universal Studios)

Halloween Horror Nights Street Experience (credit: Universal Studios)

Florida News: Halloween Horror Nights starts with legions of bone-chilling monsters

Watch where you walk! Universal Studios has totally revamped their street experience and the horror starts today! Scareactors take on all forms, from hordes of menacing beasts to blood sucking vampires and barbaric warriors to chainsaw-wielding prison gangs. They’re in every nook of the park – you can’t hide or escape them. Universal has clearly stated that “the rules of the past don’t apply” for the 2012 Halloween Horror Nights so this will prove to be a bone-chilling experience as there aren’t any safe zones. Check out the scary details below:

Legions of Horror

There is a story to the horror. It all began with the evil Iniquitus that tore through the tombstones and rose from the ancient cemetery. They summoned the Dark Legions that are emerging from the fog to feast. Answering this call, zombies of all kinds are descending into Universal streets tonight: blood-thirsty vampires spanning every era, animal-like beasts and monsters, chainsaw-wielding inmates that died in a ragin fire in a brutal women’s prison, flesh-eating warriors, ghosts that appear on shadowy paths and goblins that lurk in dark corners.

The Video

If you want to get a sense of the horror that awaits you, watch the promo video and see if you’re up for a scary Halloween Horror Night:


Dates for Halloween Horror Nights

You can catch Halloween Horror nights throughout October but weekend nights usually sell out fast so grab tickets soon. The following nights are set aside for this event:

  • September 21 – 22
  • September 27 – 30
  • October 4 – 7; 11 – 14; 17 – 21; 24 – 28 and 31

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