What to do in Florida: Get Up-Close to NASA’s Launch Pad



SpaceX Falcon 9 (credit: Kennedy Space Center)

SpaceX Falcon 9 (credit: Kennedy Space Center)


Florida News: A rare opportunity to see where Apollo missions launched from

It’s the first time in 50 years that NASA is letting the public tour a launch pad at Kennedy Space Center. One of the rare-access toursthat is part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, if offers a unique experience to walk in the shoes of astronauts. “Visitors will travel the same route as astronauts to the launch pad, so they can imagine being an astronaut,” said Bill Moore, Kennedy Space Center’s chief operating officer. “You’re going to be close to where history has been made and will be made in the future with new programs currently under development for space exploration.” This particular tour runs till the end of this year – daily tours are limited so make sure you get a ticket before 2012 is over.

The KSC Up-Close: Launch Pad Tour

It’s not often that you’ll get a chance to enter a highly secure area, especially that of NASA’s Launch Complex 39. On this tour you’ll be escorted by a space expert and travel on a tour bus for a quarter-mile inside the perimeter security fence to reach the Launch Pad 39-A. It’s here that every launch for Apollo missions that landed on the moon happened. On the tour you’ll see many parts of the launch pad complex including a 350-foot-high fixed service structure, propellant storage containers and flame trench.

Launch Pad Tour drive-by views

From the Launch Pad you’ll see the following from the tour bus:

  • Launch Pad 39-B
  • the Vehicle Assembly Building
  • the mobile launch platform
  • a crawler transporter

The tour finishes at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Tour Cost: $25/adults, $19/children ages 3-11; on top of admission.

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