Weather News: Tropical Storm Isaac heading to Florida

Tropical Depression in the Atlantic (credit: AFP/NOAA)

Tropical Depression in the Atlantic (credit: AFP/NOAA)

Florida News: Tropical Storm Isaac heads for the Gulf of Mexico

As the Tampa Bay area is being drenched by one weather system, Floridians are being cautioned to keep an eye on  another one as Tropical Storm Isaac approaches the Gulf.

Current models show the system will strengthen into a Category 1 hurricane over the next five days. It’s aiming towards the Caribbean, threatening Cuba and Hispaniola. When it’s done there, it’s projected to head north towards the Bahamas or possibly Florida’s Gulf of Mexico.

The forecast

If Tropical Storm Isaac does head towards Florida, it will start to be felt early Sunday morning, throughout much of the state.

As of 11pm last night, maximum sustained winds at the center of the system (which was 380 miles east of Guadeloupe) were at 40mph with those winds extending 45 miles from the core of the system.

An area of high pressure is currently guiding Isaac west. In three days, it’s expected that this area will become week, allowing Isaac to move north or northwest. That means that the threat Florida will face with this weather system is dependent upon the timing of that turn.

If Isaac does hit Cuba, it may become weak before it moves towards Florida.

The Republican National Convention

Some models are predicting the system will hit the Gulf of Mexico and move back towards Florida next week. If that were to be the case, the storm may have an impact on the Republican National Convention being held in Tampa from August 27-30.

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