The mystery of the giant eyeball has been solved

Swordfish eyeball (credit: Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)

Swordfish eyeball (credit: Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)

Florida News: Source of giant eyeball said to be a swordfish

Last week, news of a giant eyeball washing up on a Pompano, Florida beach made headlines all over the world. People were baffled over what sort of giant would have such a large eye! The story went viral and this eyeball and the creature it could have came from was the topic of coffee shop conversations from Florida to Canada and beyond. Was it a whale? Could it have been a giant squid? Maybe a shark?

The case of the mystery eyeball has been solved

Scientists have determined that the blue, softball-sized eyeball did not come from a squid or a whale, but it actually belonged to a common swordfish.

A spokesperson for the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission of Florida says that scientists have made this determination based on the size and color of the eyeball and the evidence of bone around the orb.

One can’t help but wonder now that if the eyeball wasn’t ripped from a giant squid in a violent battle with a sea monster, then where did it come from?

How did the swordfish lose its eye?

Clean, straight line cuts around the eyeball indicate that the eyeball was most likely removed by a fisherman and tossed into the water.

Many of us would have no way of knowing how large a swordfish eyeball really is, but now thanks to this story, people around the world know!

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