Michelle Obama tours Florida today

Michelle Obama discusses Let's Move! ©Lawrence Jackson

Michelle Obama discusses Let's Move! ©Lawrence Jackson

Florida News: Michelle Obama visits Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville today

Just before the Republican National Convention begins, First Lady Michelle Obama is stepping up to assist on the re-election bid. She’s in Florida today, appearing in both North and South Florida. Obama has visited Florida five times already during 2012, first appearing on January 26th for events at Tampa, Sarasota and Palm Beach; in February for her Let’s Move initiative in Orlando, then in Naples on April 27th speaking with campaign volunteers and hosting a fundraising event and lastly on July 10th, speaking to grassroots supporters. Florida is the nation’s largest tossup state and Jacksonville is a target area for President Barack Obama.

Jacksonville visit

Mrs. Obama will be at Naval Station Mayport outside Jacksonville, making an announcement about the Joining Forces program. The first lady and Jill Biden, the vice president’s wife, headed the program and set a goal for helping at least 100,000 military veterans and their spouses find jobs. In April, the first lady made an announcement that the the halfway point had been reached.  Her announcement today will indicate that the initiative has exceeded its goal and will set a new benchmark for 2014. There’s a strong military presence in Jacksonville and a major retirement area for veterans.

Ft. Lauderdale

Later today, the First Lady will speak at a re-election rally for her husband ‘s re-election in Fort Lauderdale.

Michelle Obama in Florida

The first lady has visited Disney World in February 2012 to promote her Let’s Move initiative. Obama has been working hard during the last two years to raise awareness about eating habits and exercise regarding the childhood obesity in America.

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