Lingerie Football comes to Jacksonville

Lingerie Football (credit: Lingerie Football League)

Lingerie Football (credit: Lingerie Football League)

Florida News: Lingerie Football League franchise, Tampa Breeze, moves to Jacksonville

If you’re into the niche sport of lingerie football and usually catch a game at the St. Pete Times Forum, the Tampa Breeze team has now been moved to Jacksonville after three successful seasons. According to a Lingerie Football League (LFL) press release, officials have an agreement with Veterans Memorial Arena and are moving the Tampa Breeze franchise to Jacksonville, where they will take on the moniker, Jacksonville Breeze. Due to a potential ticket and schedule conflict at the arena, the move was sparked by the St. Pete Times Forum, who also owns the Arena Football League Tampa Storm.

“This is an exciting moment for us here at Veterans Memorial Arena as we become part of one of the most exciting LIVE sports that is aggressively building momentum. We welcome the opportunity to kickoff the Jacksonville Breeze franchise”, said Larry Wilson, the General Manager of Veterans Memorial Arena.

Where to watch Lingerie Football in Florida

In the past you there were three teams – Miami, Tampa Breeze or Orlando Fantasy, but this year, the Breeze is the only franchise in Florida that will be playing. The teams will play four games followed by playoffs. Although the schedule hasn’t been posted on the LFL website yet, there are two home dates set for the Jacksonville Breeze:

  • Saturday, March 30,2013: Veterans Memorial Arena
  • Saturday, May 25, 2013: Veterans Memorial Arena

Lingerie Football

According to Business Week, this sports league is the the fastest growing. For some, the joy of watching the sport are the uniforms themselves, which are self-explanatory. If you’re interested in the game play, it’s seven-on-seven and doesn’t have any punting or field goals. If you want to get familiar with the basics of the game, there is a play overview on the LFL website.

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