Hold a hatching gator egg at Gatorama’s Hatching Festival in Palmdale Florida

Baby Alligator (credit: koalabear29)

Baby Alligator (credit: koalabear29)

Florida News: Gatorama Hatching Festival offers authentic Floridian experience

August 18 to August 27th marks hatching season at Gatorama and everyone’s invited to watch as thousands of tiny chirping alligators break through their shells. It’s free to watch the spectacle, or you can pay $10 to get the chance to actually hold a hatching egg and experience the baby’s birth…hands on!

Experience an “only in Florida” activity

This classic roadside attraction is high on old Florida charm. And it’s not only a tourist attraction – it’s a working alligator ranch where the animals are raised for meat and hides. Take a walk across a lake on a tin-roofed walkway where you’ll see large reptiles basking in the sun or lazily swimming in the waters below. Listen to the sound of exotic birds. There are also bobcats and Florida panthers to see here. But right now, the highlight is in the hatchings!

Time to hatch

Hatching happens daily, Monday through Sunday (August 18-27), at 10am, noon, 2pm and 4pm. At hatching time, everyone slaps on a pair of surgical gloves and stands over sphagnum moss-covered tables before being handed a gator egg. Instructions will be given to help birth any babies that aren’t in a hurry to come out of their shell. Before you know it, you’ll have a squirming little gator wriggling out of its shell and into your hands, looking up at you with a big set of amber-colored eyes.

Plan your visit

  • Gatorama is located at 6180 U.S. Highway 27, Palmdale, Florida
  • Only 15 prepaid nonrefundable reservations are available per hatching program. After that, hatching programs are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Call 863-675-0623 to reserve a spot or visit Gatorama for further details.

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Photo credit: koalabear29