Giant Alligator Head floats in Ft. Lauderdale during Art Basel

Florida alligator (credit: National Park Service)

Florida alligator (credit: National Park Service)


Florida News: Giant alligator artwork to draw attention to restoration efforts in the Everglades

As of today, an alligator with eyes that automatically light up at night will be floating in Fort Lauderdale waters. The 40-ton piece of artwork, “Floating Tile Art: Gator in the Bay”, was created from recycled materials and is the first project of it’s kind for Lloyd Goradesky. The Hollywood artist and  Cesar Becerra, an Everglades historian, are launching it today.

The Artwork

The gator head is only part of the entire artwork. Upon completion, the entire body will be added. The body consists of 102 tiles that feature a collage of over 6,000 Everglades photographs that Goradesky has taken in the national park. The tiles, 4-feet-by-8-feet, when pieced together will transform the final artwork into 230 feet long alligator that’s 50 feet wide.

In the evening, the gator head takes on a different light, literally. The eyes glow a fiery orange and the head changes colors.

The Launch

Transporting a piece of art this size is a feat in itself. The head had to be disassembled into three separate pieces and was welded together once the barge delivered it to the launching point. Inside the alligator’s mouth is a crane boom that can open and close the mouth. When open, it reaches three stories high.

Art Basel

The artists hopes that his piece of art represents the Everglades throughout Art Basel, an annual international art event in South Florida. In it’s 11th year, Art Basel opens this Thursday.

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