First lady Michelle Obama speaks in Florida today

Michelle Obama (credit: PR News Foto)

Michelle Obama (credit: PR News Foto)

Florida News: Michelle Obama visits Gainesville and Tallahassee today

There are two stops on Obama’s campaign visits to Florida on Monday. First, is speaking to students in Gainesville at the University of Florida and then she is holding a rally in Tallahassee. Her visit is raising support and motivation for the upcoming November election, and also for her “It only takes one” campaign which encourages people to take ownership of the future and vote.

Gainesville Visit Details

The first stop at the O’Connell Center on University of Florida grounds is a “grassroots” event and is expected to draw a large crowd as it is free. Mrs. Obama will be speaking on campus at approximately 3:30 p.m. and doors will open at noon. Given that it’s open to the public with limited seating there are already lineups!

Tallahassee Visit Details

Even if you don’t have a ticket, you still may want to catch a chance to see the First Lady. People stood in line early Friday morning at Obama campaign offices to grab a ticket for the rally at the Civic Center. She’ll be speaking to supporters and rallying enthusiasm for her husband and also her “It only takes one” campaign starting at 4 p.m. today (she’ll be speaking later on during the rally).

Michelle Obama’s other visit to Florida this year

Michelle Obama has been in Florida many times this this year, promoting other initiatives than the voting at the polls. Since Obama’s visit it Disney World in February , she’s been working hard at her Let’s Move! initiative, raise awareness of healthy eating and encourage exercise for families and children. It was during that visit while spending time with Disney characters, that she even performed the moves to “The Platypus Walk”.

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