Celebrity News: Michelle Obama spent the day in Florida rallying the college vote

Mrs Obama does the Gator Chomp (credit: Associated Press)

Mrs Obama does the Gator Chomp (credit: Associated Press)

Florida News: Michelle Obama focuses on the student vote

Dressed in blue with her geometric-patterned dress and matching pumps, Michelle Obama spent her time in Florida yesterday focused on energizing students. With 29 electoral votes, Florida is the largest swing state and one of the most crucial states in the country for this election and Mrs. Obama told crowds during her visits to Florida State and the University of Florida that this election will be “closer than the last one.”

Before heading to her rally at the University of Florida in Gainesville, the First Lady visited Girls Place Inc., a program for economically disadvantaged girls. She listened to their stories, shared hugs with the girls and Mrs. Obama even put on her Let’s Move! hat and danced with the children before wrapping up her visit.

Obama Rally In Gainesville at University of Florida

Michelle Obama spoke to a large crowd of supporters at a free event in the Stephen C. O’Connell Center on the campus of the University of Florida. There, she spoke about the impact that this election will have on residents of Florida and she also discussed the “It Takes One” effort, an initiative encouraging voters to organize campaign events in their own communities.

Obama at Florida State in Tallahassee

In Tallahassee on the campus of Florida State, thousands of students in the crowd waved posters, showing their support. The First Lady spoke to supporters about the power that is in the hands of voters in Florida. She discussed how the progress that has been made during her husband’s campaign will all come down to what happens in the swing states, like Florida. She encouraged students to take advantage of early voting opportunities so that they might volunteer on actual election day.

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