Celebrity News: Former President Bill Clinton in Florida today

Former President Bill Clinton (credit: Getty Images)

Former President Bill Clinton (credit: Getty Images)


Florida News: Bill Clinton visits Lee County this afternoon

With the presidential election in its eleventh hour, the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, is visiting Florida this afternoon to encourage Democrats to get themselves to one of the swing state’s early voting locations and vote for President Barack Obama.

Campaign Rally

Today Clinton will be at the Harborside Event Center in a campaign rally that starts at 2pm. Tickets are not required to attend this free event. Though his presidency ended more than a decade ago, Clinton still enjoys a great deal of popularity. Events like this, where Clinton makes an appearance, generally attract very big turnouts with many people coming out just to catch a glimpse of the former president in person.

Swing State

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have both been in Florida several times this year, campaigning across the state. That’s because with 29 electoral votes, Florida is the largest swing state and one of the most crucial states in the country for this election.

On one of her recent stops in Florida on the campaign trail, Michelle Obama was focused on the student vote.

One of President Obama’s visits to Florida this fall got quite a bit of viral attention when he was scooped up and pulled into a giant bear hug by the owner of The Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Restaurant in Fort Pierce.

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