Campaigning materials from 56 American presidential elections on display at South Florida Museum

Political button (credit: Provided to South Florida Museum)

Political button (credit: Provided to South Florida Museum)

Florida News: “Vote For Me! Vote For Me!” exhibit opening at South Florida Museum

If all of this news of the Republican National Convention in Tampa has you excited, chances are you’d be interested in visiting the South Florida Museum in Bradenton between the end of August and November 25.

That’s because a private collection of rare and vintage presidential campaign materials will be on display there for public viewing in a special, timely exhibit titled, “Vote For Me! Vote For Me!”

The “Vote For Me! Vote For Me!” Collection

A Sarasota County collector has loaned this unique collection to the museum and it is every campaign enthusiast’s dream! The collection contains paraphernalia tracing the history of presidential election races from present day back to the time of George Washington. Throughout history, candidates have used scarves, buttons, hats, posters, pipes, razors, dolls and all kinds of other things to solicit votes.

The items on display for this exhibit document these campaigning efforts through over 200 samples of materials that have been employed during the past 56 American presidential elections.

Some highlights will be the slogans, such as this one from the 1852 election: “We Polked you in 1844; We’ll Pierce you in 1852” or this one from 1988: “Bush reminds every woman of her first husband.”

Visit “Vote For Me! Vote For Me!”

August 30 from 5:30pm to 7pm visit the special exhibition reception. It’s $10 for visitors but free for museum members.

  • Location: The South Florida Museum is located at 201 10th St. W., Bradenton.
  • Admission: $15.95/adults, $13.95/seniors (65 and older) and $11.95/children (ages 4-12), Free/children under 3

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