Best Of The Week: Zombies, Valentines, Bieber and Beer!



Best Reading Of The Week

Best Reading Of The Week

Florida News: Most popular reading of the week ranged from Bieber to beer

Sometimes, checking out our web stats is an amusing activity, especially when we take a look at which of our articles seem to be getting the most attention throughout the week. This week, for example, we couldn’t help but smile when we saw that a Valentines Day article we published in February got even more attention than the overwhelmingly popular zombie post we wrote about for this Halloween! The following posts were all on the most popular list this past week:

Make a night of it: Romantic resorts for Valentines

We’re not sure why, but an awful lot of you stumbled upon an article we wrote about the best resorts for romance at Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because the nights are starting to get a little cooler in some parts of the world?

Zombie Halloween events in Florida

Zombies are H-O-T this year and you continue coming to us to get the deets on the best zombie-related events happening in Florida this year for Halloween.

Frugal Florida: Three of the best outlet malls in Florida

We consider this post to be one of the most read posts we’ve ever published. It consistently gets more traction than almost any other content we’ve produced. If you haven’t already read our choices for the best outlet shopping in Florida, check it out!

Upcoming beer festivals in Florida

You wouldn’t want a beer festival to come and go without knowing about it, so you’ve come to us to keep up to date with the best one to do in Florida!

The winners of the inaugural tower of terror 10-miler

You came to us to hear about the winners of the Tower of Terror 10-miler!

Hipster Disney princess arrive in time for Halloween

Lots of you shared a giggle with us over the Hipster Disney princess video that went viral last week.

Frugal Florida: Free Disney World Birthday Perks

You continue to visit us to learn about free perks birthday boys and girls receive at Disney World!

Celebrity News: Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour comes to Florida

Many of you are keen on learning everything you can about Bieber’s touring schedule! You came to us to learn about his stops in Florida for the Believe Tour.

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