Best Of The Week: Shopping, Jellyfish Safety, Star Wars Lego and More!

Best Reading Of The Week

Best Reading Of The Week

Florida News: Popular reading this week included Legoland announcement, jellyfish safety tips and more

We always keep track of which articles were the most-read throughout the week. This helps us to determine what sort of information you’re interested in reading about. Here are the posts that got the most attention over the past few days:

Celebrate Brazilian Independence Day In Boca Raton

September 7, sometimes referred to as Sete de Setembro, recognizes Brazil’s Declaration of Independence from the Portugal back in 1822. Many of you were interested in reading about celebrations taking place in Boca Raton.

Frugal Florida: Three Of The Best Outlet Malls In Florida

Florida is the perfect destination for shoppers and once again you came to us to read about some of the best outlet malls in the state.

About Florida Safety Tips For Jellyfish

It’s jellyfish season in Florida and many of you will keep safe thanks to our tips.

Disney Holds Special One Day Celebration Of Manatees Today

The Seas with Nemo & Friends at Disney’s Epcot is more than just an attraction, it’s also a licensed rehabilitation site for injured or orphaned manatees and sea turtles that have been brought there after being rescued.

Legoland Announces Expansion With Star Wars Miniland

We told you about a new Star Wars Miniland expansion at Legoland and lots of you were happy to read about it.

Best Of Central Florida Events: September 7-September 14

Every week you’re very interested in reading about events taking place in and around Florida. This week you were mostly interested in reading about what’s going on in Central Florida.

Save 20% On Room Rates With Gaylord Hotels 12 Days Of Christmas Sale

Stay at the Gaylord Palms Resort during the holiday season! We told you about how to save 20% on your room rate.

Celebrity Gossip: Where To Spot a Celebrity In South Florida

You came to us to read about where to spot celebrities in South Florida!

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