Best Of The Week: Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, Where To Stay in Florida and more!

Best Reading Of The Week

Best Reading Of The Week


Florida News: Most popular reading of the week included Halloween & Hurricane Sandy

We keep a close eye on which of the articles we post get the most attention. That allows us to write about topics you’ll be interested in! The following were the most read posts of the week.

Hipster Disney princesses arrive in time for Halloween

Do you know what a hipster Disney princess is? Many of you do now after reading this post based on a viral video making the rounds!

Frugal Florida: Three of the best outlet malls in Florida

A week rarely goes by when our article about three of the very best outlet malls in Florida does not make the most-read list! (You sure like your travel deals!)

Zombie Halloween events in Florida

Lots of you have been wondering about which zombie events to do in Florida .

Where to stay: The South Seas Island Resort in Captiva Island

An amazing piece of paradise sits at the northern tip of Captiva Island. Many of you were interested in learning more about the South Seas Island Resort.

Best of ongoing Halloween events in southwest Florida

Many of you were curious about what Halloween events are going on in southwest Florida this year and you came to us to find the information.

Disney cruise ships conjure up ghoulish Halloween fun

We told you about, how, in late October, characters aboard Disney cruise ships will be dressed up to celebrate Halloween.

Weather News: Tropical Storm Sandy should post little threat to Florida

When we heard about Sandy stirring things up in the Atlantic, we let you know about it right away!

Best of Northern Florida events: October 26-November 2

Our event posts are always well-read, but this week most of you seem interested in what’s going on in Northern Florida!

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