Best Of The Week: Fantasyland news, Lighthouse Day, Events, Beaches and more!

Best Reading Of The Week

Best Reading Of The Week

Florida News: Events, Things To Do, Shopping, Beaches and more!

We work hard to provide you with information that you’re interested in reading about as you prepare for your travels through Florida. That’s why we keep a close eye on which of our articles get read the most. In case you missed any of our most popular posts over the past week, here were the highlights…according to you!

New Fantasyland expansion officially previews at Disney World on November 19

We were excited when we heard about the official preview date for the new Fantasyland expansion in Disney’s Magic Kingdom! The Grand Opening happens in December but the preview starts on November 19.

Frugal Florida: Free Disney World Birthday Perks

Looks to us like many of you were thinking of celebrating your birthday at the happiest place on Earth – without spending a fortune!

Frugal Florida: Three of the best outlet malls in Florida

Our shopping posts always seem to capture your attention. Probably because Orlando is one of the largest outlet mall shopping destinations in the United States.

Visit a Florida heritage landmark on National Lighthouse Day

Many of you were interested in reading about National Lighthouse Day. Have you ever visited one of Florida’s heritage landmarks?

Best of Southern Florida Events: August 10-August 17

Our readers are consistently drawn to our posts about upcoming Florida events. That’s why we keep sharing this information with you every single week. This week most of you were interested in learning about the goings on in Southern Florida.

Best of Central Florida Events: August 10-August 17

While our article about this week’s Southern Florida events received lots of attention from our readers, our Central Florida event post did very well too!

5 most memorable Disney World desserts

We hope that you jotted down our favorites for “most memorable Disney World Desserts” so that you know exactly what to order on your visit!

The most romantic beaches in Florida

Finally, all of you love birds trusted us to deliver the deets about the most romantic beaches in Florida.

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