Best Of The Week: Beaches, holiday lights, manatees and more!

Best Reading Of The Week

Best Reading Of The Week


Florida News: Best Reading Of The Week Includes manatees, beaches, holiday lights and more

In order to continue writing the kind of information you want to read, we pay close attention to what posts are most read throughout the week. The following are the articles that got the most attention over this past week.

The best beaches in Florida: Infographic

Many of you were wondering which beaches in Florida were the best.

Frugal Florida: Three of the best outlet malls in Florida

The best outlet malls in Florida is another topic you were keen to read about.

Best Of Central Florida Events: June 22-June 29

Each week, we tell you about the best of events happening in the state of Florida. This week you were stumbling upon events that were happening in June.

Disney Holiday Cruises set sail as of November

How much fun would a Disney holiday cruise be? In November, Disney holiday cruises began to set sail and lots of you were interested in reading about it.

Top 5 counter service restaurants in Epcot

Many of you were interested in reading about what we consider to be five of the best counter service restaurants in Epcot!

What to do in Florida: Holiday light displays to see in Northern Florida

There are some spectacular holiday light displays in Northern Florida dazzling the young and old alike. You came to us to find out more about them.

The most romantic beaches in Florida

Lots of you were interested in reading about the most romantic of Florida’s beaches.

About Florida: Manatees ready to begin migration to warmer water

You must be as concerned as we are about helping to protect the manatees judging by the number of you who read this article about their migration to warmer water.

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