Visual and auditory aids for Disney guests



New Handheld ©The Walt Disney Company

New Handheld ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to visual and auditory aids

“Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!” Lumiere might have sung those words to Belle about the Beast’s castle, but he could have been speaking about Walt Disney World. Disney really does pay attention to its guests – each of its guests. In fact, Disney goes to such great lengths to make its major theme parks enjoyable for persons with disabilities, that some unsavory characters actually try to fake impairments to get the same treatment!

Of course we would never recommend doing that but it gives you an idea of the special service you’ll receive if you or someone in your family has a visual or auditory impairment and you plan to visit Disney World.

Each of Disney’s major theme parks offers a booklet listing its facilities and services for guests with disabilities and Braille guidebooks are also available, but the following are some additional highlights you may be interested in knowing before you book your vacation.

The Assistive Technology Device

There’s a new way (Since June 2011) for Disney guests with visual disabilities to experience the theme parks. With a wireless handheld device designed by Disney, users receive a very detailed audio description of moving rides and outdoor areas.

From the location of the closest restroom to detailed descriptions of architectural elements, guests can choose what kind of information they’d like to hear about their surroundings from an interactive menu.

The Assistive Technology Device also provides:

  • Audio descriptions of important visual elements for more than 50 attractions, including scenery and action and scenery
  • Amplified audio for guests with mild to moderate hearing loss at most of Disney’s theater-type attractions
  • Handheld captioning allowing guests to read captions while enjoying several different rides
  • Closed captioning in pre-show areas where television displays narrate the upcoming experience
Guests can borrow an Assistive Device for no cost with a refundable deposit.

Accessibility of Disney Resorts

Several Disney resorts cater to guests with visual and auditory impairments. Most (but not all) Disney resorts offer closed-captioned televisions, phone text, visual indicator door knocks and strobe-light smoke detectors, while all resorts welcome service animals.

For further information about services for guests with disabilities, contact Walt Disney World Information at 407-824-4321 (voice) or 407-827-5141 (TTY).