Typhoon Lagoon re-opens this weekend

Typhoon Lagoon &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Typhoon Lagoon @ The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to the Water Parks of Disney

There are two water parks in Disney World; Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Both offer lots of good old fashioned watery fun but Blizzard Beach has more slides and is more themed than the Typhoon Lagoon. Typhoon Lagoon is reopening this weekend after being closed for refurbishments for several weeks.

Typhoon Lagoon

Cool your body at this water park with its 6-foot waves, long drops that intensify speed and waterslide tubes that spit you into a wading pool. Designed as a beach resort toppled in a typoon, surf boards and boats are placed in precarious spots and a 50-foot geyser erupts every hour until Mount Mayday!

Toddlers get to experience their own wet and wild thrills with Ketchakiddee Creek or the gentle Bay Slide, taking them to a safe corner of a shallow pool.

Interested in learning how to hang ten like the pros? Typhoon Lagoon is now offering surf lessons!

Blizzard Beach

During a particularly harsh Forida winter, someone decided to open a ski resort. At least that’s how the story goes. Blizzard Beach is what remained after the snow melted and the palm trees grew back.

Plunge down a 12-story slide, ride a chairlift to the peak, toboggan in the water or raft down Mount Gushmore. This water park is filled with rides perfect for adrenalin seekers! Children get their own slides and play areas including the ski patrolling camp. Big kids and little kids can have fun here!

At both of these Disney World water parks there are life jackets available to use, free of charge, and you can stow your stuff in a locker but there is a cost to do so. If you don’t bring your own towel you can expect to pay a couple bucks to borrow one.

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