Toy Story comes to life in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Mania! ©The Walt Disney Company

Toy Story Mania! ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Toy Story Mania

If you’re planning a Florida vacation and you’re traveling with fans of Woody, Buzz and Mr. Potato Head, you won’t want to miss a trip to Hollywood Studios and the Toy Story Mania attraction.

If you thought the gang of toys was entertaining in the movie, wait until you experience them all in 4D while you play all your favorite midway games. The fun starts before you even take a seat on the ride!

Toy Story Mania

Waiting in line for this attraction at Hollywood Studios is literally a barrel of monkeys even before putting on 3D glasses and being shrunk down to toy size. An Audio-Animatronic Mr. Potato Head cracks jokes and entertains until you’re whisked off to the midway in your fun, 4-seater tram-style vehicle. 4D effects have you feeling wind on your face as virtual objects whoosh past. Take aim with your spring action shooter to burst balloons with darts, toss rings onto tiny green aliens and throw baseballs to break plates. Rack up points as Woody, Buzz, Rex and other Toy Story friends cheer you on and give hints!

Tip for enjoying Toy Story Mania:

Watch for Easter Egg targets because they trigger higher-value targets and make other changes in the scene.

Let’s talk Toy Story!

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