Top 5 Epcot attractions for adults

Epcot Theme Park ©The Walt Disney Company

Epcot Theme Park ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Epcot for adults

Epcot is a favorite theme park for many adults and if you’re planning on spending a grownup vacation in Disney World, we suggest allotting much of that time for this destination. (If you’re taking your Disney vacation with kids, there are childcare options available so you can still sneak away for a few hours!)


Go hang-gliding over the state of California! An IMAX projection dome envelopes you in the realistic scenery and the multi-passenger glider lifting you 40 feet into the air moves exactly like an aircraft so you feel like you are actually flying. Intense effects and motion base technology have you smelling the orange groves and the ocean air as you feel the breeze in your hair and dangle your toes above the Pacific Ocean.

Mission: SPACE

Escape meteors and chart your interstellar journey to Mars in this realistic space flight motion simulator. Join the Orange Team for an intense adventure and leave enough time after your ride to explore some of the labs and activities, including arcade-style games and video postcards you can email to your friends at home.

Test Track

Blast through banked curves, bumpy roads, brake tests and a 60-mph speed burst in this one-mile ride. Your 6-seat vehicle undergoes further automotive testing with water spraying robots and in a temperature chamber.


Journey to a 10th Century Viking Village in a dragon-headed boat in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion. Sail into a dark and swampy mythical Norwegian forest where trolls lurk in the shadows. One casts a spell on the ship sending you backwards. The ship changes course just when you think you’re headed down a waterfall, sending you into a raging ocean storm on the North Sea instead. From trolls to polar bears, surprises await at every bend until you disembark in a calm, safe harbor. Watch the 5 minute film capturing the country’s breathtaking beauty to relax after your rough ride.

Dive Quest

You must be SCUBA-certified and over 10 years of age to dive into this 5.7-million-gallon saltwater tank, one of the largest in the world. Immerse yourself in this world for 40 minutes and swim with sharks, sea turtles and more than 6,000 creatures of the sea. Part of the package offers a backstage look at the infrastructure that sustains this ocean experience. It might just be worth working towards that certification before you go to disney to experience this incredible Epcot attraction.

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