Three ways to stay warm on a cold day at Disney

Epcot ©The Walt Disney Company

Epcot ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Surviving a Cold Day in Epcot

Florida doesn’t get as cold as Canada or the northern United States, but as we’re seeing right now, temperatures can drop during the winter months. If you find yourself at Disney World during one of these cold snaps, we suggest heading straight to Epcot.

Most of the Future World pavilions are enclosed, making it more comfortable than a day spent at a water park or standing in outdoor line ups at the Magic Kingdom. However, visiting the World Showcases in the cold isn’t always a good idea because it does tend to get quite chilly with the breeze that comes off the lagoon.

The following are three of our favorite Epcot attractions to visit on a cold day in Disney World.

Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Join Bill Nye the Science Guy as he takes Ellen DeGeneres on a journey through time from the creation of the Universe to present day, teaching her all about energy, a topic she needs to learn about to win a Jeopardy! match against her challengers (a college rival and Albert Einstein) in this hilarious attraction that takes place in Ellen’s “nightmarish” dream. View primeval dioramas in a moving theater as you travel through time and learn about fossil fuels, atoms and more with a terrified yet always comedic Ellen!

Tip: Don’t miss out on the standing pre-show as it truly sets the stage for what’s going to happen.

This attraction will keep you warm for at least 45 minutes. Even the queue is indoors.

Innoventions East

One of two buildings that make up the Innoventions Pavilion at Epcot, Innoventions East will delight the imaginations of kids of all ages. Experience the power of extreme weather or design your own roller coaster then ride it! Step into the Internet Zone and play a game of virtual tag as a classic Disney character! See how everyday products are tested for safety and much more in this fun, interactive and indoor play space.

Tip: The Storm Struck exhibit may be unpleasant for children and adults who dislike small spaces.

Innoventions West

Innoventions West features interactive exhibits and games that teach as well as they entertain. Besides being an avatar in an interactive video game or playing conductor to musical robots, families can learn about fire safety in the Where’s the Fire? exhibit and the importance of saving money in The Great Piggy Bank Adventure.

You’ll have so much fun at these Epcot attractions that you’ll forget all about the cold!

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