The Grandeur of the Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Atrium Lobby &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Disney Fantasy Atrium Lobby © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Opulence on the Fantasy

From the size of three-deck lobby to the musical spectacular of Disney Wishes, the Fantasy has the elegance and opulence of ocean-liner travel during the 1930s.

Atrium lobby

The 22-foot chandelier that dangles its crystal beads 13 feet from the ceiling is what first catches your eye on the Fantasy as you gaze up the atrium lobby. Next it’s the sweeping grand staircase, marble floor inlay floor and the bronze statue of Minnie Mouse in 1920s garb waiting with her steamer trunks. The rich detail and Art Nouveau theme is reminiscent of cruising during the Golden Age.

Ship’s Size

The Fantasy is 1,115 feet long – that’s longer than the height of famous buildings like Paris’ Eiffel Tower or New York City’s Chrysler Building.  Weighing in at 130,000 gross tons, it’s also 500 times heavier than the Statue of Liberty it sailed past! In fact, little Dumbo on the ship’s stern would need to collect more than 24,000 elephants to match the weight of this cruise ship.

Mosaic Walls

There are two large mosaic walls in the Canabas restaurant, with hand-crafted Venetian enamel.  If you look along the 25 foot length, you will see approximately 194,500 tiles in more than 200 hues of color. More than more than 8 feet high, it took nine Italian artists to create the underwater world of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and characters based on the movie, “Finding Nemo”.


Exactly 80% of the Fantasy’s 1,250 staterooms are outside rooms, and 90 % of those have a private verandah. There are deluxe rooms and suites, however, that have their own concierge and then there’s the Roy O. Disney Royal Suite with its own private verandah that includes a hot tub to soak in while you take in the ocean views. The main living quarters have wide open spaces, floor to ceiling window, a media room, separate dining area, wet bar, and even a rain shower in the master bath.

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